Singapore's Seaport to Be World's First Wi-Max-Ready By 2008

26��September 2007

By early 2008, all ships in Singapore can have access to mobile wireless broadband, allowing real-time and data-intensive communications between the ships and their customers and business partners. Thanks to WISEPORT (WIreless-broadband-access for SEaPort), activities that could only be done onshore previously can now be achieved offshore as well, from regulatory filings, to broadband communications, to real-time access to navigational data.

WISEPORT is one of the initial projects under theInfocomm@SeaPort1programme, which aims to provide a mobile wireless broadband network within 15km from Singapore's southern coastline. WISEPORT will provide a low-cost, high-bandwidth and secure access.

TheInfocomm@SeaPort1programme was launched this morning by Mr Raymond Lim, Minister of Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, at the opening of the International Maritime-Port Technology and Development Conference (MTEC) 2007.

Infocomm@SeaPort Programme

TheInfocomm@SeaPort1programme is a collaboration between the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). The two agencies will jointly set aside S$12 million for the programme, which aims to catalyse business transformation and operational excellence in the port community through the use of innovative infocomm technologies.

Several initial projects have already been identified under the programme. Through the deployment of new services using infocomm, these projects aim to enhance communications in the port community, improve operations management, and increase the port community's handling capacity. Some of the other projects being explored include conducting trials in the use of infocomm to enhance and optimise the car transhipment planning and operations, and automating some of the current labour-intensive processes in the bunker supply chain.

To provide strategic direction to the programme, a Steering Committee consisting of government agencies and key industry players was formed in August 2007 to identify innovative deployments of infocomm in the ports, so as to strengthen the core logistics infrastructure of our economy.

Later this year, MPA and IDA will jointly initiate a Call-for-collaboration (CFC) to develop new WISEPORT content and software applications for the seaport community. These content and applications could range from messaging services that allow ships to communicate more cost-effectively with other parties, to applications that allow ships to book maritime services through the high-speed network.

BG (NS) Tay Lim Heng, Chief Executive Officer, MPA said, "As a leading global seaport, the use of technology is important. TheInfocomm@SeaPort1Programme will extend our current efforts to develop and promote the use of industry-wide infocomm technology systems. We hope that the maritime community will capitalise on this advanced port infocomm infrastructure to improve their operations further and also to generate new business areas in Singapore. The MPA will continue to put in place advanced technology to ensure that Singapore remains an attractive port of call in terms of operational efficiency and high service quality."

Commenting on this milestone, Mr Chan Yeng Kit, Chief Executive Officer, IDA said,Infocomm@SeaPort1Programme is an integral part of IDA's iN2015 masterplan to enhance the economic competitiveness of Singapore through the use of infocomm. Infocomm can significantly enhance the capabilities and efficiencies of our ports, and entrench our reputation as a global transhipment hub. The improved port community infrastructure will further strengthen our position as a global Supply Chain Nerve Centre.

Singapore's First International Maritime - Port Technology and Development Conference (MTEC)

The launch ofInfocomm@Seaport1at today's MTEC opening was fitting, as the conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from the international maritime and port industry to share new developments, concepts and practices and exchange views and experiences. Taking place in Singapore for the first time, the conference is jointly organised by MPA and the National University of Singapore with Nanyang Technological University, and co-organised by the Port of Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology. MTEC 2007 will be held from 26 to 28 September 2007.

Some of the areas of discussion during the three-day conference include:

(I) Port planning design, development in port technologies and Operations and Supply Chain Management and Technologies;

(II) Latest techniques and innovations in Offshore and Marine Engineering and

(III) Adoption of Maritime R&D in Maritime enviroment, navigation and security issues