MC No.7 of 1997


  1. In a shipboard incident this year, certain inadequacies in fire safety arrangements on board vessels have been brought to the attention of the Authority.

  2. The following are brought to the attention of shipowners:

    (1) Valve fittings conveying lubricating oil or other flammable liquids under pressure, particularly those situated near sources of ignition and subjected to heavy vibration, should be provided with :

    (a) An arrangement for any lubricating oil or flammable liquid that may leak out to be led safely away from such sources of ignition.

    (b) A suitable retaining device to prevent any of the valve components from coming off as this may allow leakage of the lubricating oil or flammable liquid contained therein to come into contact with hot surfaces.

    (2) Procedures for regular inspections, tests and maintenance of fire doors, watertight doors, smoke dampers and fire flaps must be effectively implemented on board to ensure their availability and resistance to the passage of flames and smoke. This is to ensure that the fire can be effectively contained.

    (3) An additional fixed fire-extinguishing system, other than those required by the Administration, if installed, should also be installed in accordance with SOLAS guidelines and requirements to ensure that the system can be effectively controlled and put into use to extinguish a fire in the space being protected.

    (4) Power operated safety equipment and means of communications essential to support the crew in combating any fire situation on board ship should be provided with an emergency source of power supply and so arranged to ensure their effectiveness and availability in case of a failure in the main source of power supply.

  3. Shiponwers are requested to bring this circular to the attention of their officers and crew onboard their ships.

  4. Any queries relating to this circular should be directed to Mr. Lim Hock Lye (Tel: 63756219).

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