Registering your pleasure craft with Singapore Registry of Ships to accord it a Singapore nationality.

Purpose of the Register

Registration will accord the craft a Singapore nationality. The Register does not provide evidence of title nor does it accommodate the registration of mortgages. Registration is voluntary.

Eligibility for registration

Pleasure craft owned by a person who is ordinarily resident in Singapore may be registered with the Singapore Registry. The craft registered is to be used exclusively for the purpose of pleasure and not offered for commercial use or reward. There is no restriction on the size of the craft registered.

The term "ordinarily resident" means the place where the person habitually and normally resides from choice and for a settled purpose apart from temporary or occasional absences. "Care Of" addresses are not acceptable.

Period of registration

The Certificate of Registry (Pleasure Craft) is valid for one year. It may be renewed annually from the date of expiry of its initial registry or last renewal.

Registration and renewal

The application form may be used to apply for first registration of a craft and for registration renewal. A letter of authorisation must accompany the application form if the application is made on behalf of the owner. Applicants must produce the Certificate of Registry for endorsement during renewal. The fee for first registration is S$200.00 and subsequent annual renewal is S$50.00.

The original Form is to be sent in person or by post to the address given in the Contact section (below).

If the registry of a pleasure craft is not renewed within 3 months of the date of expiry of its initial registry or last renewal, the registry of the pleasure craft shall be deemed to be closed.

Change of ownership or craft particulars

The registered owner must notify the Registrar in writing, not later than 30 days after the change and produce the Certificate of Registry to him.

If there is a change in ownership, the new owner must meet the eligibility requirement and submit the completed application form. No bill of sale is required.

Closure of Registry

The registered owner must notify the Registrar in writing and surrender the Certificate of Registry.

Name of Pleasure Craft

Craft bearing undesirable names which are likely to cause confusion in an emergency will not be registered. The owner must be prepared to change the craft's name should there be an existing one in the Register. No two craft should bear the same name.


The owner shall ensure that within one month from the date of registration, the pleasure craft is properly marked as follows:

  • The name of the craft is clearly painted on or affixed to the bow and stern of the craft.
  • The word "SINGAPORE" is clearly painted on or affixed to the stern immediately below the name of the craft.

The markings must be effectively maintained and renewed when necessary during the period of registry.

Owners are not liable for the payment of annual tonnage tax.


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Shipping Division
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Tel: 6375 1932
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