Maritime Welfare Fees

 6.1 Maritime Welfare fees for vessels -
   Fee payable per 
 call per vessel
 (a) Exceeding 75 GT but not exceeding 1,000 GT  $25.00
 (b) Exceeding 1,000 GT but not exceeding 2,000 GT  $40.00
 (c) Exceeding 2,000 GT but not exceeding 5,000 GT  $60.00
 (d) Exceeding 5,000 GT but not exceeding 10,000 GT  $80.00
 (e) Exceeding 10,000 GT but not exceeding 20,000 GT  $105.00 
 (f) Exceeding 20,000 GT but not exceeding 40,000 GT  $140.00
 (g) Exceeding 40,000 GT  $175.00
In the case of a vessel with dual tonnages or a vessel with an open or closed shelter deck, the higher tonnage shall be deemed to be the gross tonnage of the vessel.
 6.2 Concessions
The owner, master or agent of any vessel exceeding 75 but not exceeding 1,000 GT (or exceeding 500 but not exceeding 1,000 GT in the case of fishing vessels calling at the Jurong Fishing Port) may opt to pay the Maritime Welfare Fees annually in advance, which shall be equivalent to 12 times the fees payable by the vessel. No refund shall be made of any fee paid annually.

Fishing vessels not exceeding 500 GT calling at the Jurong Fishing Port shall be exempted from the payment of the Maritime Welfare Fee.