Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


G1) How do I transact with MPA?

In order to transact with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), a customer has to first open an account with MPA.

Once the account is opened, it will be accompanied by complimentary access to Marinet (for a stipulated number of user IDs), to facilitate the customer's adherence with statutory and regulatory requirements, and for operational and financial transactions.

You may apply for an account with MPA via the following link:
(under the section “Opening an Account with MPA”)

(under the section “Forms”)

To access Marinet, please refer to the following link:

Please note that effective 1 Apr 2014, the Marinet billing account will cease to be operational, as MPA will no longer bill for the access charges to Marinet (which previously comprised the monthly subscription fee of $10.70, Marinet Log-on ID registration charge of $42.80 each and Singpass logon charge of $0.21 each).

The affected customers have been informed by MPA separately on the matter, pertaining to the closure of their Marinet billing account.

G2) How long does it take to process a new account opening?

All application forms for will be processed within 3 working days upon complete submission of all relevant information and the required supporting documents.

G3) When is a Banker’s Guarantee / Insurance Bond (Demand Insurance) required?

A Banker’s Guarantee of SGD5,000.00 is required for all new MPA account applications, and this shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of application of account. Notwithstanding that MPA could use other sources of checks, the information provided in the application for account opening will also be used in the consideration of the Banker's Guarantee requirements. The Banker's Guarantee requirements of each applicant are also subject to regular reviews by MPA.

G4) How do I sign up for Interbank Giro facilities and what is the frequency of the Giro Deductions?

You could sign up for the interbank Giro facilities by filling up and submitting the inter-bank Giro form available on the Finance Website at Giro deductions are done weekly.

G5) How can I request for copies of credit note, statement of account, payment invoice or a certified true copy of an invoice?

You could submit a request form through the Finance Website at This is our preferred mode of action and priority is given as such.

Furthermore, with e-finance, you may access your company’s bills and statements of accounts through Marinet.

G6) What is the e-Finance initiative on Marinet about?

Effective from 1 Apr 2014, MPA has launched a series of e-Finance initiatives on the Marinet system. e-Finance aims to provide customers with increased convenience in retrieving financial documents and offer alternative modes of payment.

Please click here for the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) pertaining to the e-Finance initiative.

Billing Queries

B1) What happens when a Giro Deduction fails?

The details of the unsuccessful giro deduction would be sent to you. It is recommended that you immediately top up funds for the next Giro deduction which would be scheduled the following week. Should the Giro deduction fails 2 times in a row, your account may be suspended and all future transactions may be on cash basis. You would have to take guidance from the follow-up actions advised by MPA.

B2) How is interest on MPA’s bills calculated?

Interest is computed at 1% per month on the principal amount beyond the credit terms allowable.

B3) Where can I find the fees and charges rates?

The tariff tables are available on the Finance webpage.

B4) What are the factors affecting the computation of port dues?

The factors include: duration of stay; purpose of call; size/ type of vessel and/ or location. Tariff is structured in a way to discourage long stays in Port.

B5) What are the Port Dues concessions?

The tariff tables are available on the Finance webpage. Each have conditions attached and are subjected to individual expiry rates. Please check for more details with the operation divisions administering the concessions or enter your query on the enquiry webpage of the Finance webpage.

B6) What is the Maritime Welfare Fee?

Maritime Welfare Fee is collected to provide welfare activities, training and subsidy for housing of seafarers at Maritime House. These benefit the seafarers in port. The amount payable depends on the gross tonnage of the vessel. This fee is compulsory. No waivers will be entertained. Further details can be found on the MPA website. (

However, for vessel staying in port for not more than 5 days, MWF is waived till 30 Sep 2017.

B7) Why do I receive a bill when my vessel has not departed from the port of Singapore?

Progressive billing is done for long staying vessels. Generally, this is carried out every 2 weeks. Therefore, you might be billed before your vessel departs from the port of Singapore should your vessel stay longer in Port.

B8) What are the Green Initiatives? How much are the concessions relating to these?

More details are available at the following link:

B9) When are shipyard rates applicable?

Shipyard rates are applicable when the vessel is physically in the MPA approved shipyard and declared purpose code 6. Please click here for the list of MPA approved shipyard locations.

B10) If I were charged the full rates when I am entitled to the shipyard rates, how do I inform MPA?

You could submit a request form through the Finance Webpage at If verified to be correct, a credit note will be issued. Kindly note that response time varies accordingly to interval from which the original invoice was raised till the appeal has been made.

B11) What are the charges at private wharfs?

This is a charge levied on movement of goods at private wharfs (ie. all waterfront facilities not granted MPA public licenses). The charges are levied based on purpose and not on product discharged or loaded. For unloading and loading of oil-related goods for oil refining or petrochemical manufacturing, it is $0.10 per tonne. For all others, it is $0.20 per tonne. Anchorage charges at private wharfs are chargeable at $1 per tonne.

B12) How can I request for rebilling of an invoice, credit note to another party?

You could submit a request form through the Finance Webpage at This is subjected to approval and may be chargeable dependent on the type of request and frequency of it being made.


P1) How often does MPA process payments?

MPA processes the payments on a weekly basis.

P2) If I have queries on e-invoice, who should I contact?

All queries on e-invoices including issues with data entry, system problems and feedback should be redirected to AGD:

P3) I am a foreign entity and do not have a local bank account, can MPA make payment in foreign currencies? How are they made?

MPA can make payments in foreign currencies. These are done via telegraphic transfers. However, all incidental charges would be borne by vendor. Should you require MPA to deduct all bank charges from the payment amount, kindly inform us in advance of the payment.

P4) Can my invoice be paid to a local bank account that is denominated in a foreign currency?

MPA can credit the payment to the vendor’s foreign-currency denominated bank account that is opened with a local bank. However, all incidental bank charges would be borne by the vendor.