MPA Learning Journeys

To help raise awareness on the maritime industry, MPA organises Learning Journeys to various facilities, namely the Integrated Simulation Centre, Port Operations Control Centre, Raffles Lighthouse and the Singapore Maritime Gallery. Schools are welcome to sign up. Availability is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so please sign up early to avoid disappointment!

For registration and queries, please contact Ms Cherie Lim, Community Engagement at / 6375 1764

Integrated Simulation Centre

The ISC was jointly set up by the Maritime & Port Authority and the Singapore Maritime Academy - Singapore Polytechnic to further enhance the quality and efficiency of maritime training conducted in Singapore using simulators. It is the official venue for MPA examinations on topics related to maritime simulations. ISC simulators offer different realistic scenarios for training of ship officers and crew in a risk-free environment.

What will my students see?
Students will experience first-hand state-of-the-art technology employed for seafarers’ trainings and shipping operations via sessions on the Navigation Bridges and the Engine Room Simulators. Other advanced facilities such as the Dynamic Positioning Simulation Laboratory and the Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators housed within the ISC also add to the range of maritime training capabilities it offers. Although developed primarily for the training of shipboard personnel, the ISC is also capable of conducting marine research and development for port planning.

Port Operations Control Centre

Vessel traffic management operations are conducted at Port Operation Control Centre (POCC) Vista. It is equipped with the next generation Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS). The state-of-the-art VTIS is able to integrate data from various sources, including radars, Automatic Identification System, Harbour Craft Transponder System, Closed Circuit Television System and ship databases to present a comprehensive sea situation picture to MPA’s Vessel Traffic Management (VTM) operators on high-
resolution displays. Enhanced monitoring functions also assist the VTM operators in detecting potential collisions and grounding situations, so as to facilitate timely warning to ships. The enhanced capabilities will help in ensuring safety of navigation and environmental protection in the Port of Singapore and the Singapore Strait even with increases in traffic volumes.

What will my students see?
Students will observe real-time actions in the operation control room and tour the viewing gallery for an overview of control operations. Students will also have an insight into shipping traffic and port control.

Singapore Maritime Gallery

The Singapore Maritime Gallery (SMG) was developed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and its key industry partners to showcase Maritime Singapore and the importance of the maritime cluster in Singapore. SMG provides insights into Maritime Singapore to help visitors understand the story of contemporary Maritime Singapore, its importance to Singapore’s economy and the diverse range of exciting and rewarding career options it offers.

What will my students see?
Students will learn of the different career options available in the maritime industry as well as about the main types of port and maritime services available in Singapore through an interactive giant ship model. Students will get to experience being a seafarer for a day and learn how to steer and berth a ship under various sea conditions with the ship bridge simulator. Students can also try their hands on handling challenging vessel traffic management operations with the Vessel Traffic Information System console.