FPSO Operations

Following operations are required to seek approval from Operations and Planning Department (OPD)

FPSO Operations include:

> FPSO under tow arrival and departure from Port

> Repair works at Anchorage

In your submission, you should include the draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and any other relevant document related to the operation at E-mail pms@mpa.gov.sg. The information should include but not limited to the following details, where applicable;

Prior arrival / movement of FPSO

1. a) Vessel particulars and description, height draft, length and any other peculiarity.
    b) Activities to be carried out
    c) Safety plan
    d) Communication plan and contact numbers of the person in charge of the operations
    e) List and particulars of crafts involve including safety boat
    f) Contingency plan for emergency tug and pilot requirements
    g) Timeline for the activities to be carried out
    h) Details of operations / works required to be carried out
2. Pre-operational meeting, together with other relevant parties (PSAM Pilots, Agents of vessels, Master / Superintendent of vessels etc) might be required, after consulting with MPA
3. Comply with Port Marine Circular No 27 of 1998 –Safety of Air Navigation.
4. Comply with Port Marine Circular No. 3 of 2013 - Safe Navigation in the Port of Singapore
5. Pre-operational meeting together with other relevant parties might be required, after consulting with MPA.

For further clarification, you may contact the following persons:

  1. Issues relating to the SOP of communication procedures – Capt Charles Alexandar De Souza, Operation and Planning Department – Tel: 6325 2420, E-mail – Charles_Alexandar_De_Souza@mpa.gov.sg 
  2. Issues relating to safety and environment – Officer-in-charge, Marine Safety and Environment Department – 6325 2475 / 6325 2417 / 6325 2464, E-mail – pms@mpa.gov.sg