Registration of Lien on Craft

The procedure for registration of lien on craft.

The mortgagee or creditor of a craft may apply to the OSDC for an endorsement to be made in the craft licence certificate. The mortgagee or creditor is required to submit the following documents:

  • A letter stating the request to register the lien;
  • The original Deed of Convenant/Hire-Purchase or Lease Agreement (in triplicate);
  • The original craft licence certificate;
  • Registration Fee

                        $15.00 (Prevailing GST charges will apply) for craft up to 500 GT
                        $30.00 (Prevailing GST charges will apply) for craft exceeding 500 GT.

The mortgagee or creditor must inform the OSDC in writing if the Mortgage/Agreement is discharged or if any Notice of Possession/Seizure is issued. The original craft licence certificate must be submitted for amendment.

Transfer of ownership is not permitted if the mortgage/hire-purchase or lease agreement is not discharged.