Renewal of Craft Licence / Notification of Non-renewal

The procedure for renewing a craft licence. Owners of pleasure craft who do not renew must also inform the Port Master.

Renewal of craft licence

The craft licence must be renewed before its expiry.

Payment of Dues and Fees -

Make payment of the necessary dues and fees shown in the Renewal Notice/Craft Licence Certificate. Payment is by cash or cheque. If the payment is made by cheque, it should be crossed and made payable to “MPA”. The payment of such dues and fees does not constitute a renewal of craft licence. A Late Renewal Fee of $10.70 cts (inclusive of 7% GST) is payable if payment is received after the expiry date.

Booking an inspection - Arrange for inspection. (See Inspection of craft).

Undertaking Letter - To be completed, signed and submitted if inspection is not required in that year.

Insurance Policy - See section (f) of Application for a new licence or re-licensing.

Mooring Letter - To be submitted only if the mooring/storage base has been changed. (See Craft’s Mooring/Storage Base section - Introduction to pleasure craft licensing).

Issuance of Craft Licence Certificate - A new licence will be issued to the owner after the above formalities have been cleared.

Payment will not be accepted until all relevant documents mentioned above are submitted. Craft with expired licence will be charged ocean-going dues upon expiry of its licence.

Notification of non-renewal

Under the Pleasure Craft Regulations, 1997, if a licence is not renewed, the owner of the pleasure craft shall inform the Port Master in writing or in person the reason for not renewing the craft licence, and also what the owner intends to do with the pleasure craft.