Singapore Nautilus

Summary of Publication

Singapore Nautilus is a quarterly corporate magazine produced by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. The publication features articles that cover topical local as well as international maritime issues and has a worldwide distribution which includes local and international members of the shipping / maritime community, port / marine personnel, government bodies, and academic institutions.

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Latest Issue
  • Issue 36

    This issue of Singapore Nautilus focuses on the collaborative efforts between MPA and the local maritime industry as well as international maritime administrations, national safety councils and classification societies in strengthening safety at sea. Read about Singapore’s commitment to enhancing safety at sea, both locally and regionally, in this issue’s main feature. In line with this issue’s theme, the Port & Starboard and Technology sections look at how Singapore is investing in people and technology to complement its strategies to boost safety at sea. Read about the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme, which gives fresh polytechnic graduates an opportunity to deepen their skills while working, in the Port & Starboard section. The Technology section turns the spotlight on Singapore’s institutes of higher learning that are harnessing the potential of technology to reduce human error in maritime operations.

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  • Spotlight on Safety at Sea The main feature takes stock of Singapore's efforts to enhance safety at sea through collaborations with industry partners as well as regional and international maritime authorities

  • Earn and Learn Find out how the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme for the maritime sector gives fresh graduates opportunities to deepen their skills while working

  • Small Outfit, Big Outreach Find out how asset-light BP Marine Fuels, manned by a core team of 10 that are assisted by a support cast, pulled off almost US$800 million in marine fuel sales in Singapore last year

  • Getting in Deep Who says diving is only a leisure sport? Commercial diver Yong Teck Ann talks about making his passion his career in this section

Past Issue
  • Issue 35 This issue focuses on the role of MPA in building a maritime ecosystem in Singapore that is resilient and adaptable to challenges. Even in challenging times, MPA has continued to work with various stakeholders within the maritime industry to ensure that it remains relevant, while investing in people through a series of initiatives and programmes to safeguard Singapore’s position as a global hub port and International Maritime Centre. Read about some of these efforts in this issue’s main feature. Keeping pace with current megatrends such as big data and the Internet of Things, the Port and Starboard section looks at how the global maritime industry is transforming itself through smart shipping, while the Technology section highlights innovative solutions from home-grown companies to bring the maritime industry into the digital age.

    • Strength in Adversity Find out how the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore helps Maritime Singapore to remain robust as the industry eyes a recovery on the horizon.

    • Rallying the Industry Amid the downturn, Kristian Siem of Siem Industries shares with us on what to expect in the offshore industry ahead.

    • MINTed for Success Find out how the Maritime Innovation & Technology Fund continues to ensure Singapore’s maritime sector gets the right innovative technology to stay ahead of the curve.

    • Maintaining Good Order at Sea Maritime lawyer Derek Tan tells us what the draw of the industry is and what keeps his work interesting.

To receive a print copy, write in to us at with your contact details and mailing address.