Electronic Crew Change Form (ECC)

Electronic Crew Change Form (ECC)

The shipowner and master of a sea-going ship shall notify the Director of Marine of the details of crew members, including subsequent crew changes who are employed on a ship electronically either via MPA’s Marinet or file format known as Electronic Crew Change form (ECC) within 7 days of the crew member’s engagement on board.

Once the ECC form is successfully submitted and processed by MPA, a crew list showing the current crew on board with the crew reference assigned will be sent via email to the ship.  This updated crew list is to be maintained on board.  Hence, it is advisable that the ship’s email is included when the ECC is submitted to MPA.

The file format ECC form can be downloaded from MPA website.

Engagement of Officers

The master must do the following prior to signing on officers:

  • Sight the original Certificate of Competency (CoC) of the officer and ensure that it is placed on board.
  • Ensure that the officer's original COE issued by the MPA is placed on board. The officer’s COE number must be provided to the Shipping Division of the MPA.

Ship’s Cook

All ships with a complement of 10 or more seafarers shall be required to have a cook trained and certificated in accordance with the MLC requirement.  A copy of the ship’s cook certificate is to be submitted to the Director of Marine upon their engagement.

A ship is not required to carry a qualified cook if its complement is 9 or less.   Seafarers on such ships who are assigned duties in processing food in the galley shall be trained or instructed in areas including food and personal hygiene as well as handling and storage of food on board ship.

MPA recognizes ship’s cook certificates issued by a State which is party to the MLC or ILO Certification of Cooks Convention 1946. Such certificates should contain recognition from the relevant national maritime authority of that State that the certificate is acceptable for service on board ships as cook.

For cook certificates from States which are not party to either Convention, MPA will recognise such certificates upon approval by Director of Marine.

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