Casualty & Incident Reporting

Reporting of incidents

Owners and Masters of Singapore Registered Ships must report marine casualty and marine incidents to the Director of Marine (Fax: 65 6278 6992, E-mail: ) within 24 hours using the MPA Casualty Reporting Form and the AIDE-MEMOIRE as a guide. These can also be found in our Shipping Circulars.  

Maritime Safety Investigation (MSI)    

The safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment can be enhanced by accurate reports identifying the causal factors and the appropriate remedial measures. Thus, the intent of a MSI is to analyse the root cause of a marine incident, draw and provide the lessons learnt so that further occurrences of similar incidents could be reduced. It does not seek to apportion blame or determine liability.

Ship Investigation Department (IVD)

The IVD conducts MSI in line with the IMO Casualty Investigation Code.

Sharing of lessons learnt

  • Shipping Circulars;
  • Maritime Forums;
  • Seminars; or
  • Workshops and briefings