COVID-19 Information for Maritime Community



In view of COVID-19, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) urges the shipping community to take precautionary measures, as well as to remain vigilant and adopt good hygiene practices at all times. 

The Singapore Government has put in place various relief measures for the maritime sector. Click here (.pdf, 220 KB) for a pdf version of the relief measures.

Visit the COVID-19 related matters section for contact information relating to the various measures and schemes.

For an overview of the measures which MPA/Singapore has undertaken for the maritime sector in response to COVID-19, please click here (.pdf, 331 KB).

Please refer to Safe Management Measures for Pleasure Craft for more information.
Please refer to the Shipping Circulars page for the full list of circulars.
Joint MPA-EDB-SFA-STB Media Release: COVID-19 Vaccinations for Eligible Groups of Foreign Sea Crew in Singapore
30 August 2021

47 Individuals and 7 Companies in the Maritime Sector Penalised for Breaching Safe Management Regulations
11 August 2021

New and Extended Support for Maritime Companies, Individuals and Seafarers in MaritimeSG Together Package
30 June 2021

Precautionary Measures in Seaport Stepped Up
9 May 2021

Seafarers and Frontline Maritime Personnel Thanked for Keeping Port of Singapore Open during COVID-19 Pandemic
7 April 2021

Crew changes cross 100,000 at Port of Singapore
15 February 2021

All Harbour Craft Crew Tested COVID-19 Negative in One-Time Sweep
9 February 2021

30-Day Suspension for Pleasure Craft, ADVANT, for Large Social Gathering On Board
23 January 2021

Over 10,000 Frontline Maritime Personnel to Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations by End January
18 January 2021

Enhanced requirements for shore-based personnel boarding vessels in the Port of Singapore
14 January 2021

Joint Release by EDB, ESG, MPA and MOH: Measures Taken to Safeguard Health and Safety of Shore-Based Personnel in Maritime Sector
2 January 2021

MPA Extends Support for Companies, Individuals, and Seafarers Through MaritimeSG Together Package
8 December 2020

SG-STAR Fund Taskforce Develops CrewSafe Audit Programme and Attracts more Global Partners
2 December 2020

Joint Release by MPA, SMOU and SOS: Singaporean Seafarers Receive Additional Unemployment Assistance
9 October 2020

Singapore Establishes Crew Facilitation Centre and Singapore Shipping Tripartite Alliance Resilience Fund for Safe Crew Change
28 August 2020

200 Traineeship Opportunities in Maritime Singapore
25 August 2020

Crew Tested Positive for COVID-19 in Singapore
15 August 2020

Enhancing Safety Measures in the Port of Singapore
24 July 2020

Approved Cases of Crew Change Cross 13,000 as Singapore Observes Day of The Seafarer
25 June 2020

Phase Two Re-opening: Updated Requirements and Measures for Port of Singapore and Singapore-registered ships
18 June 2020

4000 Approved Crew Change Cases in Singapore during COVID-19 period
12 June 2020

Port Authorities Pledging Support to Keep Ports Open During COVID-19 More Than Doubles Within A Month
29 May 2020

Joint Release by SOS & MPA: Singapore Organisation of Seamen collaborates with MPA to help Singaporean seafarers tide over COVID-19
21 May 2020

Joint Release by MPA, SMOU, SOS and SSA: Tripartite Partners Call upon Ships to Sound their Horns to Show Support for Seafarers
30 April 2020

MPA Announces MaritimeSG Together Package for Maritime Companies, Individuals and Seafarers
29 April 2020

20 Port Authorities Signed Declaration to Keep Ports Open to Seaborne Trade to Support Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic
24 April 2020
Port Authorities Roundtable COVID-19 Declaration

31 Foreign Workers Moved into Floating Accommodation at Tanjong Pagar Terminal, Singapore
13 April 2020

Singapore to Add Floating Accommodation to Range of Housing for Foreign Workers
11 April 2020

Port of Singapore Remains Open Amidst Additional Precautionary Measures
3 April 2020

Resilience Budget for the Maritime Industry
26 March 2020

MPA to give 50% Port Dues Concession to Passenger Vessels
18 February 2020

Advisory to Shipping Community on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus
30 January 2020

Temperature Screening at Sea Checkpoints
24 January 2020

Safe Management Measures for onboard personnel

Click here (.pdf, 1 MB) for a brochure on safe management measures which onboard personnel should take note of.


Click here (.pdf, 1 MB) for a poster on safe management measures which onboard personnel should take note of.


Relief Measures

The Singapore Government has put in place various relief measures for the maritime sector.

Click here (.pdf, 220 KB) for a pdf version of the relief measures.


Singapore Crew Change Guidebook

Click here for the Singapore Crew Change Guidebook, developed in collaboration with and supported by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Singapore Maritime Officers' Union, and Singapore Shipping Association.

Marina Bay Cruise Centre


Hand sanitiser point


Preparing for temperature screening at sea checkpoint


Temperature screening at sea checkpoint


Marina South Pier


Seafarers taking hygiene seriously


Singapore Maritime Gallery


Hand sanitiser available at the reception counter

Alan Lim, Emergency Preparedness
15 April 2020

Hafiz Bin Jumat, Port Inspector
9 April 2020

Maritime Singapore United
3 April 2020