Fire onboard passenger ferry extinguished. All 62 passengers and 6 crew members are safe.

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On 5 May 2023 1230hrs (SGT), the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) was alerted that there was a fire in the engine room of a Singapore-registered passenger ferry 'QUEEN STAR 2' off Kusu Island. The ferry was enroute from Singapore to Batam when the incident happened. 

2. MPA, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), and Police Coast Guard (PCG) immediately deployed their crafts to provide assistance. MPA also deployed a tug boat to provide assistance and tow the ferry.

3. All 62 passengers, including Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians, among others, on the ferry 'QUEEN STAR 2' have been safely transferred to another vessel 'MERBAU ERA' which was on the way to Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. 'MERBAU ERA' then headed to Batam and has arrived safely with the 62 passengers in Batam.

4. The fire onboard 'QUEEN STAR 2' was put out by the 6 crew members who remained onboard the ferry prior to SCDF's arrival. SCDF fire fighters were also onboard the ferry to ensure that the fire had been completely extinguished. 

5. There is currently no report of any injuries or pollution. MPA had deployed officers onsite at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal in case any of the passengers required support.

6. In addition, MPA had issued navigational broadcasts to ships to stay clear of the incident site.

7. More details will be released when available.