Green Technology Programme

Green Technology Programme is under review and is not available for new applications

MPA’s commitment towards helping the maritime industry to implement solutions to reduce emissions

In 2011, MPA pledged to invest up to S$100 million over 10 years in the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and related activities and to promote clean and green shipping in Singapore. It is a comprehensive initiative comprising 3 programmes - the Green Ship Programme, Green Port Programme and Green Technology Programme. These are voluntary programmes designed to recognise and provide incentives to companies that adopt clean and green shipping practices over and above the minimum required by International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conventions.

Supporting technologies which improve the environmental profile of maritime activities

The Green Technology Programme encourages local maritime companies to adopt and/or develop green technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should be a company incorporated in Singapore under the Companies Act (Cap.50) and engaged in one or more of the following businesses in Singapore: Terminal owner & operator; Ship owner & operator; or Harbour craft owners & operator; and must not have applied for and obtained project approvals under the GTP Grant for more than two projects in one calendar year.

Potential GTP projects should involve the adoption and/or development of green technologies that have verified overall emission (SOx, NOx, or CO₂) reduction levels of at least 5 per cent per technology and which complies with industry performance guidelines, have not been commonly deployed in the maritime industry, and will be installed, modified and/or retrofitted in Singapore, for the purposes of the project, on a Singapore flagged ship, MPA-licensed harbourcraft, or a local terminal. Further, the Applicant must not have incurred or committed costs (e.g. through signing of contract) prior to project approval.


Grant of up to 50% of the total qualifying costs, capped at S$2 million per project, with an increased cap of S$3 million per project for technology solutions/systems that reduce overall emissions by more than 20 per cent. In addition, projects that adopt Singapore-developed technologies are eligible to apply for funding support level of up to 70%.

Contact and Application

Applicants who are interested to apply for the Green Technology Programme may contact:  

Research & Technology and Industry Development Department / Technology Division
Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore
460 Alexandra Road
#17-00 PSA Building
Singapore 119963
Tel: (+65) 6375 1243 or 6375 1829
Fax: (+65) 6375 1277
Email: (Header: GTP Application)