Developing Infocomm Technology Capability

Maritime Enterprise IT Development (MERIT) Programme.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The MERIT Programme lapsed on 28 February 2009. No more new applications will be accepted under the programme.
  MERIT Grant status

MERIT is a programme to help maritime enterprises defray costs incurred in modernising and upgrading operations through the use of Information Technology (IT). Any applicant meeting the eligibility criteria set out below may apply for a grant from the MPA under the MERIT programme

  • Eligibility
    • A maritime company or firm registered with the Singapore Registry of Companies and Businesses.
    • A company or firm with a business presence in Singapore.
    • A company with at least 30% local equity.
    • A company or a firm which does not have more than 200 employees (excluding crew members working onboard vessels).*
    • A company or firm with fixed assets (defined as net book value of property, machinery and equipment and excluding floating vessels and crafts) not exceeding $15 million.
      *Computed on a group basis
  • Scope of Assistance
    • Assistance of up to 70% of the cost of developing a new IT system for each company or firm.
    • The development of a new IT system under the MERIT programme (the "Project") may be in the following areas :
      • Automation or computerisation of key business processes including financial management, human resource management, market development, inventory management, ship management, fleet management, customer relationship management, etc
      • Management of information
      • Connection with business partners, e.g. Electronic Data Interchange ("EDI") connections.

How to Submit Claims

Claims should be sent to the MPA no later than 1 year from the scheduled completion date of the Project as specified in the applicant's MERIT Application Form, failing which no payments shall be made by the MPA.

The following documents shall be submitted in respect of any claim made pursuant to a grant under the MERIT programme:

  1. All relevant certified true copies of invoices and corresponding receipts rendered to the applicant in respect of the Project (including cheque numbers, where applicable).
  2. Relevant bank statements of the applicant (to show payment and clearance of cheques, where applicable).
  3. The prescribed form of the Project Completion Report, duly completed by the applicant.
  4. The prescribed form of the MERIT Claims Form, duly completed by the applicant.
  5. Screenshots of the completed system.


For more information, please contact:

MERIT Administration Office
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
460 Alexandra Road #17-00 PSA Building
Singapore 119963
Persons in charge
Ang Teck Heng
Tel: (+65) 6375 1294
Wendy Toh (Ms)
Tel: (+65) 6375 1269