Green Technology Programme

Green Technology Programme

What is the Green Technology Programme?

The Green Technology Programme encourages local maritime companies to develop and adopt green technologies.

How does it benefit you?

The Green Technology Programme provides a grant of up to 50% of total qualifying costs to co-fund the development and adoption of green technological solutions/systems. Grants are capped at S$2 million per project, with an increased cap of S$3 million per project for solutions/systems that can achieve more than 20% reduction in emission levels. The grant is limited to 2 successful applications per company per year, where the 2 technological solutions/systems developed and adopted shall be different from each other and from previous application(s). Exceptions may be considered if the technology is similar, but the area of application is different. The grant is only applicable for cost incurred after the project has been approved. Applications for retrospective funding will not be considered.

How do you qualify?

The Green Technology Programme is open to Singapore-registered companies engaging in maritime-related businesses such as terminal operations, ship operations and harbour craft operations.

Where projects involve ships or harbour craft, the ships or harbour craft must be Singapore-registered and must remain under the Singapore Registry of Ships for a specified period upon completion of the project.

Projects should also meet the following criteria:

Have verifiable emissions (SOx, NOx, CO2) reduction results that comply with industry performance guidelines.
Have not been commonly deployed in the maritime industry.
Should be type approved where relevant.
Have system integration design and retrofitting or installation done in Singapore.
Interested applicants of the Green Technology Programme can email