Maritime Careers

Traverse the oceans of opportunity and explore the depths of a maritime career.

The maritime industry offers a myriad of exciting and rewarding careers for those who seek challenges in an ever-evolving global industry.

The maritime industry is not just about ships and cargo, but also about people and services. It offers a wide range of career choices, including shore-based ones such as ship broking, shipping finance, marine insurance and maritime law and arbitration. Ship-based careers as a ship captain or a chief engineer entail an illustrious career at sea and subsequent rewarding prospects onshore. And if you have a technical inclination, there are opportunities to break new ground in naval architecture, marine engineering or marine surveying.

If you have drive and talent, and are ready to discover just how far this industry can take you, both onshore and at sea, we invite you to explore the maritime industry. From here, how far you go is up to you.

Charting your course

Whether you are an established professional looking for an invigorating career change with advancement prospects, or are fresh out of university or polytechnic looking to take your first step into a stimulating and rewarding career, there is a place for you in the maritime industry.