Maritime Youth Club

Maritime Youth Club

About the Maritime Youth Club - The Maritime Youth Club (MYC) is an outreach initiative of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). Its main objective is to raise awareness of Maritime Singapore among the youths, through organising maritime-related activities of their preference and to have first-hand experience of various aspects of the maritime industry.

Applying for Maritime Youth Club Support - MPA provides funding for schools to set up MYC and/or to carry out activities. To apply for MYC support, schools need to meet the following criteria:

  1. The school must be located in Singapore and registered under the Ministry of Education.
  2. The school should fall into one of the funding categories:
    1.  Primary/Secondary/Specialised Schools
    2. Post-Secondary institutions including Junior College/ ITE/ Polytechnics/ Art Institutions e.g. SOTA)
    3. Universities

The MYC must also carry out maritime-related activities under one of the following options:

  1. by setting up a dedicated Maritime Youth Club (MYC); or
  2. by working on maritime-themed project(s) and /or activities; or
  3. through the school’s department/subject working committee(s).

Please see below for the annual funding limits for the various school levels. MPA will disburse the relevant approved funding up to the maximum cap amount for the respective school level, based on their submitted proposal. The school should do an accurate prediction of the budget required as any remaining surplus should be utilised where possible.

Should you have any queries or are interested to apply, please contact Avonda Lim at 1628 or Stefan Tan at 


Level Funding Limits
Primary/ Secondary/ Specialised Schools $2,000 (dedicated club) $1,000 (others)
Post-Secondary institutions including Junior College/ ITE/ Polytechnics/ Art Institutions e.g. SOTA) $4,000 (dedicated club) $2,000 (others)
Universities $12,000 (dedicated) $6,000 (others)


Before submitting the application form, schools are required to fully understand the terms and conditions set out for receiving funding and to ensure eligibility criteria are met. (Please download the information sheet and official application form here) The application should be accompanied with details on the proposed projects/activities and a budget breakdown. The completed form can be submitted to:

Ms Avonda Lim/Mr Stefan Tan
Community Engagement Department, MPA