New initiatives to strengthen ReCAAP ISC as a Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing

22 March 2018

As a Contracting Party to the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) and host to the ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ISC) since its establishment in 2006, Singapore is pleased to have participated in the 12th ReCAAP ISC Governing Council Meeting from 19 to 22 March 2018. 

2. The meeting discussed the good progress in implementing the roadmap and strategies for ReCAAP ISC to be a Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing. Among the new initiatives implemented were the use of data analytics to gain deeper insights into incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships, the introduction of new training programmes to enhance the capabilities of ReCAAP Focal Points and expansion of ReCAAP ISC’s outreach to new international organisations.  

3. Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and Singapore’s Governor to the ReCAAP Governing Council said, “While ReCAAP has made good progress in becoming a Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing, we need to ensure ReCAAP remains responsive to the changing security environment. The increase of incidents of piracy and sea robbery in Asia from 85 in 2016 to 101 in 2017 is a reminder for us to remain vigilant and sustain our collective efforts to tackle the problem.”

4. The meeting also saw the election of the Philippines as the new Chairperson of the ReCAAP Governing Council, and China as the new Vice-Chairperson of the ReCAAP Governing Council. The Philippines takes over from Thailand, the outgoing Chairperson, while China takes over as Governing Council Vice-Chairperson from Sri Lanka.

5. Mr Tan added, “Singapore would like to express our appreciation to Thailand, in particular Dr Pornchai Danvivathana, Thailand’s Governor to ReCAAP. Under Dr Pornchai and Thailand’s stewardship, ReCAAP’s membership and network of co-operative relationships with partners and stakeholders have grown. ReCAAP ISC has also achieved several significant milestones including the commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of ReCAAP in 2016 and the adoption of the Roadmap for the Future of ReCAAP ISC in 2017 that will position ReCAAP for further growth in the years ahead. 

6.      We look forward to working together with the incoming ReCAAP Governing Council Chairperson, and Philippine Governor to the ReCAAP Governing Council, RADM Joel S. Garcia, Deputy Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard and incoming ReCAAP Governing Council Vice-Chairperson, China’s Governor to the ReCAAP Governing Council, Mr Xiao Jianguo, Deputy Director General, Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to strengthen ReCAAP ISC’s core missions of information sharing, capacity building and partnerships with stakeholders.”

12th Governing Council Group Photo
12th ReCAAP Governing Council Group Photo