More than 5,000 Singaporeans to Benefit from New Maritime Manpower Schemes

12 April 2016

To continue growing a quality workforce in support of Maritime Singapore, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) will set aside $12 million over two years to attract, develop, and retain local talent in the sector. Some 5,000 individuals are expected to benefit from the new manpower schemes, which will be rolled out progressively from 1 May 2016.


Maritime Career Conversion Scheme – Re-skilling Locals to Take on Key Maritime Jobs


  1. The new Maritime Career Conversion Scheme (MCCS) will help Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) to re-skill and take on quality jobs in the maritime industry. Under the scheme, MPA will co-fund fresh graduates and mid-career entrants with no maritime background to undergo a structured training programme[1] that will enhance their employability in selected maritime jobs in the port, shipping and maritime services sectors. To encourage companies to take on employees through MCCS, MPA will also co-fund 50 per cent of each employee’s wage for the first six months after they have completed their training. MPA expects some 100 to 120 individuals to benefit from the MCCS over two years.


Internship Reimbursement Scheme – Supporting Companies to Provide Internship Opportunities


3              MPA will introduce the Internship Reimbursement Scheme (IRS) to encourage maritime companies to continue to provide Singaporean and SPR students in maritime courses with internship opportunities. MPA will co-fund 50 per cent of internship allowance, capped at $400 a month per student. Over two years, up to 1,600 students from selected maritime courses in the Institutes of Technical Education, polytechnics and local universities are expected to benefit from internship opportunities made available through the IRS.


Enhanced Co-Funding under Maritime Cluster Fund – Manpower Development – Upskilling Skillsets of Locals


4              The Maritime Cluster Fund for Manpower Development (MCF-MD) is a key source of co-funding for maritime manpower training and development. The MCF-MD facilitates the growth of Singapore's maritime cluster by supporting maritime companies in the development of manpower, training initiatives, and capabilities. MPA will draw on MCF-MD to increase the co-funding for selected training activities – namely, MPA will raise the co-funding to as much as 90 per cent for selected short courses and certifiable courses.  This is to encourage maritime businesses to continue to upskill their employees.  More than 3,000 Singaporeans and SPRs stand to benefit from more training opportunities made available under this scheme over the next two years.


5              MPA will also be tapping on the MCF-MD to roll out the MCCS and IRS. Since 2007, a total of $115 million has been committed to MCF-MD to develop manpower for the maritime sector. These schemes, taken together with other existing initiatives, will equip Singaporeans to take advantage of the many exciting career opportunities in the maritime sector.


6              Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of MPA, said, “MPA will continue to commit resources to attract, develop and retain local talents in the maritime sector.  The introduction of the various manpower schemes to provide support to maritime companies and a wide spectrum of our local talent pool reaffirms MPA’s commitment to develop a quality maritime workforce and ensure that Singapore remains well-positioned when we emerge from the shipping downturn.”


Annex A – Summary of Manpower Development Measures

Annex B – About Maritime Career Conversion Scheme

Annex C – About Internship Reimbursement Scheme

Annex D – More about Enhanced Co-Funding under Maritime Cluster Fund – Manpower Development (MCF-MD)

[1] Successful applicants will have to undergo a mandatory introductory course on the maritime industry which will be fully funded by MPA, and a series of specialisation courses which MPA will co-fund between 50 and 90 per cent.