Search and Rescue Operation: Man Overboard Incident

08 July 2020

      At about 0800hrs on 7 July 2020 (Singapore time), the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) was informed by the Malaysian authorities that three persons had fallen overboard from a craft approximately 2.1 nautical miles off Tuas.

2    MPA immediately carried out search and rescue (SAR) operations involving two MPA patrol craft, one Police Coast Guard (PCG) craft and one Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) vessel. 

3    At about 0845 hours today, MPA received an update from PCG that they had sighted a body. PCG has recovered the body and the relevant Singapore authorities are establishing if the body is one of the persons who had fallen overboard.

4    MPA continues to coordinate the SAR operation with PCG and RSN for the other missing persons. MPA has also been issuing navigational safety broadcasts to vessels in the vicinity to keep a lookout and to report any sightings of the missing persons.