Crew Tested Positive for COVID-19 in Singapore

15 August 2020

      On 12 August, the Ministry of Health reported that a crew member working on board an ocean-going ship was tested positive for COVID-19 in Singapore. 14 other crew members on board the same ship were later confirmed to have COVID-19. All 15 are Filipinos.

2     The 15 crew members were working on board a Bahamas-registered ship which arrived in Singapore from India on 8 August to conduct repairs and refuel. All crew members of the ship did not disembark. Swabbing was done on board the ship, where they remained until their COVID-19 test results came back. The 15 crew members who tested positive were transferred ashore and conveyed via ambulance directly to a hospital. The remaining crew members are currently quarantined onboard the ship. Provisions are lifted up the ship to the crew to minimise physical contact. 

3     The ship is currently quarantined with no ongoing operations, and will be thoroughly disinfected.