Maritime Security Notices,Shipping Circulars
No. 9 of 2003

23 May 2003

Applicable to: Recognised Organisations, ship owners and ship managers of Singapore ships.This circular informs those concerned that the nine Recognised Organisations (ROs) will be appointed as the Recognised Security Organisations (RSOs) when they meet the requirements for RSOs to issue the International Ship Security Certificates to Singapore ships on behalf of MPA.

  1. Under the International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities (ISPS Code), passenger ships of any size and all other ships of 500 GT and above engaged on international voyages are required to have an International Ship Security Certificate by 1 July 04. The ISSC is to be issued by the flag Administration or Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) authorised by the flag Administration.

  2. The nine classification societies which have been appointed by the MPA as the Recognised Organisations (ROs) for surveys and certifications for safety and pollution prevention requirements for Singapore ships may apply to the MPA for appointment as the Recognised Security Organisation (RSO). The MPA will assess the applicants for compliance with the requirements for RSOs as specified in the ISPS Code (See Appendix) . Factors to be considered will include the applicants' rules, checklists, guidelines and procedures with respect to ship security certification and the number and security clearance of trained security auditors in Singapore.

  3. The successful applicant will be appointed as an RSO. The Instrument on Survey and Certification signed between the MPA and the RO in Aug 02 will be amended to authorise the appointed RSO to approve ship security plans, conduct ship security audits and issue International Ship Security Certificates to Singapore ships in accordance with the ISPS Code on behalf of the MPA. (Another Marine Circular listing the appointed RSOs will be issued. It will be amended when new RSOs are appointed.)

  4. The appointed RSOs may also advise or provide assistance to ship owners on security matters, including the conduct of ship security assessment and preparation of the ship security plan. These services do not require MPA's authorisation. However, if an RSO has provided these services to a ship, that RSO is not permitted to approve that ship's security plan or issue the International Ship Security Certificate to that ship.

  5. Any queries relating to this circular should be directed to Mr Tan Hock Seng at tel: 63756216.