MPA safety campaign for 2020: PPE Saves Lives - So Use It!

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) unveils its latest safety campaign for year 2020.

Concerned by a growing frequency in incidents involving Man Overboard (MOB) and injuries at sea due to users not donning or donning incomplete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), MPA will be working closely with the industry to launch a new safety campaign reminding everyone in the maritime industry to wear PPE at all times. This includes oceangoing vessels, harbour and pleasure craft users too.
Through this campaign, MPA aims to impress upon users to take ownership of their personal safety and to wear PPE at all times. Also, users should know how to identify PPE which are compliant with international maritime safety standards, and donning requirements appropriate to their assigned tasks.
In the event of MOB, chances of survival greatly increase if the user is donning PPE, such as a lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD).
Instances when a lifejacket or PFD should be don include, but not limited to:
  • When vessel or craft is heading out to sea
  • When working overboard or shipside
  • When transferring from craft to shore (and vice versa)
If you have loved ones going out to sea, please remind them to always keep their PPE on at all times in order to safeguard their precious lives.