Dialogue & Sharing Session with Ferry Operators 2019

2019 was a busy year for keeping the safety of ferries in Singapore on track. MPA conducted a dialogue & sharing session for all ferry operators on 15 November 2019 to review the score card for ferry safety in 2019 and enhance operators' awareness on the proper use of navigation aid (ECDIS) to improve navigation safety.
The dialogue & sharing session, held at MPA Academy, was well attended by 28 senior staffs from all regional and port-limit ferry operators in Singapore, including 5 senior officers (sea staff) who are normally operating the ferries, as well as representatives from classification societies.
The dialogue & sharing session focused on the following:
  • Raising awareness on the common deficiencies which were found during routine ferry spot checks and detailed inspections.
  • Case study and discussion on ferry collision with unidentified floating objects while underway and the importance of notifying MPA and RO when carrying out repairs as a result of damages sustained which impact the structural integrity & safety of the ferry
  • Case study and discussion on the importance of safety of navigation. Master to ensure passage planning is reviewed and updated before commencement of each passage including updating of relevant information in ECDIS, as applicable.
  • Class BV provided an insight to the requirements and scope of ferry surveys.
  • An introduction to PSC inspection regime on various MoUs was also provided to create awareness to the participants.
The session was a success and the participants actively shared and discussed their experiences with the group.