No.16 of 2009


Applicable to: Shipowners, shipmanagers, masters, officers of Singapore-registered ships and the shipping community.

1 This circular serves to inform that with effect from 1 Sep 2008, MPA had implemented a new electronic system for processing and issuing the Singapore Certificates of Endorsement (COE). Features on this new COE include the use of digitised authorization signature and MPA/iDA stamps, as well as a tamper-proof digitised photograph of the holder on the certificate.  MPA has a stringent and systematic verification process to ensure that the officer is properly qualified, certificated and medically fit to serve on Singapore vessels before the COE is issued to the applicant. Attached are sample copies of the new format for COEs issued by MPA.

2 Existing COEs issued before 1 Sep 2008 is valid until its period of expiry stated on the certificate.

3 Some ship owners and managers have brought to our attention that Port State Control (PSC) officers in some countries had refused to accept the new COEs issued by MPA as original documents, because of the use of digitised signature and MPA/iDA stamps, and tamper-proof digitised photograph. This Shipping Circular may be used to explain to the PSC officers that MPA is using an electronic system for processing and issuing the Singapore COEs issued to the officers for service on Singapore-registered ships, with the above stated features.

4 The authenticity of the COE issued by Singapore Administration can further be verified on-line via MPA website:

5 Any enquiries relating to this circular may be directed to Mr Wong Kai Cheong (Tel: 6375 6236, Email: or Ms Irene Goh (Tel: 6 3756 225, Email;


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