Funding Framework

MPA has established a Maritime R&D framework to build Singapore as an international centre of excellence for maritime R&D by developing partnerships with tertiary and research institutions (TRIs) and the maritime industry

MPA’s Maritime R&D framework was established with the vision of developing Singapore as an international centre of excellence for maritime R&D and technology solutions. MPA seeks to achieve this through enhancing Singapore’s position as a premier global hub port and developing a vibrant maritime technology cluster that would spur new areas of growth and innovation linkages that will sustain Singapore as an international maritime centre.

This two-way flow of ideas and information between technology provider-maritime industry end user would help steer the development of innovations, technologies and solutions towards stronger industry relevance and impact.

In addition, the maritime R&D framework is developed around a value chain that involves the following four areas:

  • Basic and applied R&D in creating new knowledge, R&D capability and intellectual property;
  • Test-bedding newly developed technologies
  • Development of maritime technology products and solutions leading to commercialisation
  • Adoption of technologies with beneficial impact to Maritime Singapore

Maritime R&D Focus Areas

As the key driver of maritime R&D in Singapore, MPA has a comprehensive understanding of the innovation capabilities and research needs of both public and private researchers. To further deepen the level of partnerships and to create synergistic outcomes, and following close consultation and with feedback from industry leaders and internal stakeholders, MPA has identified the key maritime research and technology development focus areas which would help to raise Singapore’s maritime technology position to the next level. These focus areas include:

To augment and support the R&D and technology solutioning aspirations and activities under this framework, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has established the S$200 million Maritime Innovation and Technology Fund.