COMET Applications

Projects involving foreshore or marine development require approval from the Committee for Marine Projects (COMET).

The following project proposals must be submitted to the Committee for Marine Projects (COMET) of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) for consideration:

1. Construction, installation, extension, additions and alterations of wharves, jetties, piers, slipways, dry docks, graving docks, ramps, fixed platform, bunds, shore protection, retaining walls, breakwaters and outfall/intake structures.

2. Installation of floating pontoons, floating docks, floating restaurants and accommodation barge.

3. Marine recreational facilities.

4. Fish farms.

5. Residential and other facilities/structures affecting the foreshore areas.

6. Reclamation works.

7. Submarine pipelines and cables.

8. Dredging and dumping works.

9. Marine Soil Investigation.

10. Demolition of foreshore/marine structures.

11. Dumping of dredged materials at sea dumping grounds.

When submitting the project proposals to COMET of MPA, the applicants are required to state:

  1. The purpose of the application.
  2. The proposed period of works including the supporting documents from the relevant government authorities.
  3. 3 sets of plans as follows:
  • Chartlet of the largest scale chart showing the proposed development, quay line and mooring limit (where applicable). Nautical charts are available from the following chart agents:
    Cornes Singapore Ltd
    10 Anson Road
    #23-06/6A International Plaza
    Singapore 079903
    Tel: (65)223 8320
    Fax: (65) 6223 8321
    DPM(Singapore) Pte Ltd
    1 Maritime Square #09-72, Harbourfront Centre
    Singapore 099253
    Tel : (65)6270 4060
    Fax : (65)6276 3858
    Email :
    Website :
    E.W. Liner Charts & Publications Pte Ltd
    102F, Pasir Panjang Road, #08-01, Citilink Warehouse Complex
    Singapore 118530
    Tel : (65)6323 0773
    Fax : (65)6323 0775
    Email :
    Website :
    Motion Smith
    15 Jalan Kilang Barat, #08-01/05 Frontech Centre
    Singapore 159357
    Tel : (65)6220 5098 (After office hours, call 8163 9993)
    Fax : (65)6225 4902
    Email :
    Website :
    Kelvin Huges (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    896 Duneran Road
    #09-05 Sime Darby Centre
    Singapore 589472
    Tel: (65)6545 9880  
    Fax: (65)6545 8892
  • Plan showing the proposal, quay line and mooring limit plotted on SVY 21 datum (where applicable).
  • Engineering plan based on SVY21 datum of the proposal endorsed by a professional engineer (only applicable to items 1-7 in Projects section above).
  • Longitudinal and cross-section profiles of the pipelines and cables (only applicable to item 7 in Projects section above).
  • For dredging and dumping works, and marine soil investigation, you are to comply with the MPA Guidelines on Chemical test, Dredging and Dumping (18 Sep 14).
  • For submarine pipelines and cables, you are to comply with the MPA Guidelines on Requirements for Submarine Pipelines, Cables (26 Jan 04).
    Please submit your application to:
    7B Keppel Road #19 Tanjong Pagar Complex
    Singapore 089055
    Attention to Capt Harad Abd Gani.

After submission
COMET will normally require 3 weeks to process and reply the applications. The requirements and conditions imposed by MPA will vary depending on each project proposal.

The general requirements for foreshore development projects are as follows:

  • Pre-construction bathymetric and side scan sonar surveys.
  • Post-construction bathymetric and side scan sonar surveys.
  • An as-constructed details survey.
  • The contractor is to liaise with our Port Master’s Department for the promulgation of the Port Marine Notice and other navigational safety matters pertaining to the work.As MPA has to circulate the notice 2 weeks before the commencement of such work, the contractor must submit to MPA details such as working dates/hours, coordinates of the working areas, craft involved, description of work and illustrative plans (A4 size) at least 3 weeks before the commencement of work.
  • MPA reserves the right to include other requirements and conditions as necessary for each project and the applicant would have to comply with these requirements and conditions.

Please contact Capt Harad Abd Gani (Tel: 6325 2456) E-mail - for any queries.