Applying for Port Chemist to Perform Gas-Free Testing

MPA provides Gas-Free testing services conducted by Port Chemists.

The MPA’s Ship Safety Department provides Gas-Free testing service conducted by Port Chemists for vessels entering shipyards according to Regulation 11 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Dangerous Goods, Petroleum and Explosives) Regulations, 2005.

As from 1 March 2011, the owner, agent, master or person-in-charge of a vessel that requires a Port Chemist to perform Gas-Free testing service may make an online booking via.  MPA's Marinet under e-Marine Services. This online service replaces the previous booking system by telephone/facsimile. For enquires, the officer-in-charge can be contacted during office hours.

Office hours: Monday to Friday 0800 – 1730 hours

Tel: 6325 2401
Fax: 6325 2400

Testing outside office hours

The owner, agent, master or person-in-charge of a vessel is advised to make online booking in advance or contact the officer-in-charge during office hours to make prior arrangement for a Port Chemist to carry out the testing.

For non-online bookings, please fill up the information required for Gas-Free Inspection form  and fax to the officer-in-charge when making your application.


Regulation 11:

  • No person shall cause or permit a vessel that is carrying Class ‘A’ or Class “B’petroleum as the whole or part of the vessel’s cargo or that carried such petroleum as the whole or part of the vessel’s last cargo to proceed to –
    • any place within the port unless the following parts of the vessel have been certified free from flammable vapour by an Inspector of Petroleum:
      (i) all cargo compartments and systems connected with the carriage of Class ‘A’ petroleum or Class ‘B’ petroleum; and
      (ii) such other parts of the vessel as an Inspector thinks necessary; or
    • any local shipyards or repair facility, unless an Inspector has inspected the fuel oil tanks of the vessel and is satisfied that the petroleum vapour in the tanks is 50% of the lower explosive limit or below 50% of the lower explosive limit.
  • Paragraph (1) (a) shall not apply to a vessel proceeding to a petroleum anchorage anchorage, a special anchorage or an oil terminal.


Q1. Do container vessels, general cargo vessels, supply vessels and bulk carriers (e.g. vessels carrying iron ore, copper granules, etc.) require Gas-Free certification prior before entering shipyards?

A1.  Gas-Free certification is not required for container vessels, general cargo vessel and supply vessel prior to entering the shipyard for repairs. Contact MPA gas-free section (Tel: 6325 2401) for advice on bulk carriers.