Pre-arrival Declaration for Single Hulled Tankers

All Single Hulled Tankers (SHTs) must submit the pre-arrival declaration form to the Port Master at least 24 hours before arrival to Singapore.

Compliance with Acts and Regulations

These reporting procedures apply to all Single Hulled Tankers (SHTs). They are requirements given according to Section 10 and 44 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Act (CAP 170A) and Regulations 3 of the MPA of Singapore (Port) Regulations 1997.

Reporting schedule before arrival to Singapore

The owner, agent, master or person-in-charge of any SHTs weighing 5000 deadweight tons (DWT) and above must submit a declaration to the Port Master:

  • at least 24 hours before arrival; or
  • immediately on departure from a nearby port with less than 24 hours steaming time to Singapore

Submission of Pre-arrival Declaration form

The owner, agent, master or person-in-charge must send the completed Pre-arrival Declaration form [link: Pre-arrival_declaration_form.pdf] to the Port Master by fax or telex:

  • Fax: (65) 6224 5776
  • Telex: RS 34970Penalty for non-compliance

Any vessel that does not comply with the applicable provisions of the MARPOL Convention on SHTs may be denied entry into the Singapore port, or detained if the ship is already in the port.

Contact information of Port Master’s Office

You may direct any queries concerning the pre-arrival declaration for SHTs to the Port Master’s Office at:

  • Tel: (65) 6325 2369
  • Fax: (65) 6325 2454