Innovative ports in the era of disruptions: Facing together the challenges of uncertainty

The 9th edition of the Port Authorities Roundtable will be hosted by Barcelona Port Authority from 3 to 4 November 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. 

Invited port authorities will meet to discuss on key topics, including:

  • Disruption on trade routes, from Panama to Suez: impact on ports
  • Decarbonisation: towards a new reality in the industry
  • AI in the maritime industry: a new paradigm?
  • Cooperation vs competition among ports: best practices



The Port of Barcelona is Spain’s top port for international trade and part of a unique logistics and business hub, including airport, port, logistics areas and a large urban area. It is a very diversified port, specialized in general cargo and high value-added cargo such as consumer goods, electronics products and vehicles, serving Spain, France and, to a lesser extent, Portugal, Germany and Italy.

Operated by more than 30 terminals privately owned and operated under concession, the Port is the first port in Spain in terms of the value of the goods that pass through it. It provides directly over 39,000 jobs and it channels 24% of the Spanish total external maritime trade. Its facilities include the commercial port, a logistics area and the citizen’s port. In 2023, the Port of Barcelona handled 64 million tones and 3.3 million TEUs.


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