Whistleblowing Channel

MPA is committed to upholding our FIRST values of Forward Thinking, Integrity, Respect, Service Excellence and Teamwork. All officers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our FIRST values and carry out their duties in an ethical and professional manner.

 Any suspected fraudulent activities, improper conduct or wrongful acts committed by MPA officers may be reported via our whistle-blowing channel at ethics@mpa.gov.sg

We would appreciate a detailed account in order to conduct a thorough investigation on your report. As we might also require more information from you, we would highly encourage you to identify yourself and provide your contact details in your report. The information disclosed and your identity will be kept strictly confidential, unless otherwise required by law. Reports may be made without fear of retaliation or discrimination, so long as reports are made in good faith and based on legitimate concerns.

Reminder: Should a report be found to be frivolous or malicious, appropriate actions would be taken. The whistle-blower may be reported to the relevant authorities and face legal consequences.