Whistleblowing Channel

MPA is committed to upholding our FIRST values of Forward Thinking, Integrity, Respect, Service Excellence and Teamwork. All officers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our FIRST values and carry out their duties in an ethical and professional manner.

Any suspected fraudulent activities, improper conduct or wrongful acts occurring within MPA and/or involving MPA’s appointed vendors, regulated entities (e.g. MPA licensees in the various services such as harbour craft, sale of water, bunkering etc.) and/ or other business partners may be reported via our whistleblowing channel at ethics@mpa.gov.sg.

The channel is independently managed by the Internal Audit Department and is for reporting of suspected wrongdoings such as fraudulent activities, improper conduct or wrongful acts. All other feedback, complaints or enquiries (e.g. relating to service standards) should be submitted via the Online Enquiry / Feedback Form.

Categories of Wrongdoing

Possible wrongdoing includes but is not limited to the following:


This generally relates to the use of deception or misrepresentation to obtain an unjust advantage. It can also involve the theft or misappropriation of MPA’s funds or assets, falsification of receipts or invoices, abuse of grants and incentives, providing false information on applications for jobs or for grants and incentives, etc.

Corrupt conduct

Corrupt conduct can take many forms including monetary and non-monetary rewards such as gifts, discounts, commissions, holiday, meals, entertainment in night clubs, theft, etc.

Questionable accounting and auditing practices

Broadly, this refers to practices that do not comply with accounting or auditing standards, or are fraudulent or deceptive.

Illegal/Offensive behaviour

This covers illegal behaviour or offensive behaviour such as drug sale or use, violence or threatened violence, criminal damage against property, sexual harassment, etc.

Information to be Provided

To enable MPA to effectively investigate your concerns, it would be helpful to include the following information in your report, where possible and/or relevant:

  • Name(s) of person(s)/company(ies) involved;
  • Detailed description of incident (including date, time, location and how the incident occurred);
  • Frequency of occurrence of the incident;
  • Period of time the wrongdoing had been perpetrated;
  • Estimated monetary value involved;
  • Name of the MPA scheme(s)/ project(s)/ programme(s) involved;
  • Your relationship with the reported person(s)/company(ies);
  • Whether this incident had been previously reported (if yes, please provide the reported date and contact information of the person/department reported to); and
  • Any other pertinent information and/or supporting documents relevant to the case.

The more complete the information provided, the more thoroughly we can investigate your report. We encourage whistle-blowers to provide their names and contact details to facilitate investigations. We appreciate these efforts by whistle-blowers in assisting us to uphold the ethical values and standards of good governance.

The information disclosed and your identity will be kept strictly confidential, unless otherwise required by law. Reports may be made without fear of retaliation or discrimination, so long as reports are made in good faith and based on legitimate concerns. However, should a report be found to be frivolous or malicious, appropriate actions would be taken. The whistle-blower may be reported to the relevant authorities and face legal consequences.