Garbage Collection Services

MPA provides complimentary daily garbage collection services1 to all vessels at designated anchorages in the port of Singapore. To find out more on how to request for the daily garbage collection services, please refer to Port Marine Circular No. 5 of 2016 (.pdf, 125 KB).

Small Craft A Anchorage (ASCA)

0900hrs to 1200hrs

Garbage Craft Changi

Eastern Petroleum B Anchorage (AEPB)
Eastern Special Purpose A Anchorage (AESPA)
Eastern Bunkering C Anchorage (AEBC)
Changi Barge Temporary Anchorage (ACBTH)1300hrs to 1730hrs
Changi General Purposes Anchorage (ACGP)
Man–of-War Anchorage (AMOW)
Eastern Bunkering A Anchorage (AEBA)
Eastern Bunkering B Anchorage (AEBB)
Eastern Petroleum C Anchorage (AEPC)
Eastern Working Anchorage (AEW)

0900hrs to 1200hrs

Garbage Craft Eastern

Eastern Holding C Anchorage (AEHC)
Eastern Holding A Anchorage (AEHA)

1300hrs to 1730hrs

Eastern Petroleum A Anchorage (AEPA)
Eastern Holding B Anchorage (AEHB)
Western Qurantine & Immigration Anchorage (AWQI)Subject to CIQ Clearance

Garbage Craft Western

Western Working Anchorage (AWW)

0900hrs to 1200hrs

Western Petroleum A Anchorage (AWPA)
Western Holding Anchorage (AWH)
Western Petroleum B Anchorage (AWPB)
Raffles Reserves Anchorage (ARAFR)

1330hrs to 1730hrs

Raffles Petroleum Anchorage (ARP)
Selat Pauh Anchorage (ASPLU)
Selat Pauh Petroleum Anchorage  (ASPP)
Sudong Petroleum Holding Anchorage (ASPH)

0830hrs to 1045hrs

1430hrs to 1730hrs

Garbage Craft Tuas

Sudong Bunkering Anchorage B (ASUBB)
Sudong Explosive Anchorage (ASUEX)
Sudong Special Purpose Anchorage (ASSPU)
Sudong Bunkering Anchorage A (ASUBA)
Sudong Holding Anchorage (ASH)
Very Large Crude Carrier Anchorage (AVLCC)

1115hrs to 1200hrs

1300hrs to 1400hrs

Ships with large quantities of garbage (in excess of the daily limit) may wish to make special arrangement for garbage disposal for which a fee will be charged. Please submit your request for special garbage collection service via digitalPORT@SGTM2. Charges for garbage collection services provided by the Authority are as follows:

1Disposal of garbage thereof per trip$900 per bin or part thereof per trip
2Miscellaneous fees:

(a)Cancellation and amendment fees:

If the request for garbage disposal services is subsequently cancelled or amended, the following fees for each cancellation or amendment of the request shall also be payable:

(i) if the request is cancelled or amended not less than 2 hours before the services are required

(ii) if the request is cancelled or amended less than 2 hours before the services are required
Detention charges: 

If any craft barge provided for the garbage disposal services requested is kept waiting alongside the ship or is kept waiting for the arrival of the ship before it can commence disposal operations, for every hour or part thereof that the barge is so kept waiting.


Ships that would like to dispose items not accepted under MPA’s garbage collection services are to make their own commercial arrangement with vendors licensed by Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA). The list of licensed general waste collectors (GWCs) can be found on NEA's website.

For further enquiries on MPA’s garbage collection services, please write to

Garbage refers to all domestic and operational wastes excluding fresh fish and parts thereof, generated during the normal operations of the ships as defined in Annex V of MARPOL 73/78. No bulky items such as wooden pallets, drums (chemicals, oil sludge, and used cooking oil) and industrial waste will be collected as part of this service.

Shipping agents or ship masters are advised to subscribe for a digitalPORT@SGTM account to request for the GACSS.