Flag State Control Inspections


MPA surveyors may inspect and audit a Singapore-registered ship and the safety management system of its company under the authority of:

  • Section 206 of the Merchant Shipping Act; and
  • Section 22 of the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Act

Objectives of flag state inspections

Flag State control inspections:

  • Support the quality shipping objectives of MPA.

  • Enforce high standard of compliance with international and national rules and standards for Singapore-registered ships.

  • Verify the actual condition of Singapore-registered ships conform to the certificates they carry. The scope of the verification includes:

    • Hull, equipment and manning;
    • Safety management; and
    • Security systems

  • Ensure that the ship’s crew can effectively:

    • Co-ordinate their activities in an emergency situation;
    • Perform functions vital to safety; and
    • Prevent or mitigate pollution

  • Monitor the work performed by recognised organisations and nominated surveyors that act on behalf of the MPA.

Inspection Process

  • Qualified surveyors from MPA conduct flag State control inspections

  • The master receives an inspection report upon the completion of an inspection

  • The master is required to rectify any deficiencies in accordance with the conditions stated in the inspection report

Detention of Ships

The Director of Marine may detain a Singapore-registered ship if it is unsafe or has violated any requirements or regulations under:

  • Section 113 of the Merchant Shipping Act; and
  • Section 23 of the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Act


The shipowner or company may appeal against a detention within 30 days from the date of notification. The appeal should not cause the detention to be suspended. A shipowner or company that wishes to appeal should state the reasons and provide supporting evidence in writing to the Director of Marine.