Maritime Digitalisation Playbook

As part of the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map efforts, the MDP is curated with the aim to support our maritime enterprises to tap on digitalisation and innovation for new growth opportunities. More commercial readily digital technologies have given us unprecedented abilities to collect, store and process large amounts of data. Yet, many enterprises have challenges in reviewing what’s core for their businesses, and systematically lay out a viable and focused digital plan to achieve their digital transformation.

Drawing upon the insights gleaned from the Digitalisation Acceleration Index*, MPA, the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) co-developed the Maritime Digitalisation Playbook (MDP) to help maritime companies uncover opportunities in digital transformation and highlight some first steps that maritime companies can take.
Watch a presentation of the Maritime Digitalisation Playbook, made during the launch webinar here.

Overview of the MDP


The main body of the MDP is organised into three sections:

  1. Discover – presents an overview of the state of digitalisation in the maritime sector, the drivers of digitalisation at global and sectoral levels as well as the benefits of levelling up on the digitalisation front

  2. Framework – provides a Digital Transformation Framework that would guide maritime companies through the “why”, “what” and “how” of their digitalisation journey

  3. Resources – outlines the various avenues of government support available and explains how the supplementary materials in the Annexes can be used
In addition, there are four Annexes that provide supplementary information to the MDP:

  1. Subsector Analysis – provides deeper analysis of the DAI scores, technology use cases, and corporate case studies for four maritime subsectors

  2. Self-Assessment Checklist – for companies that did not participate in the DAI study, we encourage you to download this checklist to get a basic assessment of where your company stand against your maritime peers

  3. Digital Transformation Proposal Template (Guide) – a guide on how to use the Digital Transformation Proposal template

  4. Digital Transformation Proposal Template – an editable Microsoft Powerpoint template that maritime digitalisation officers could use to convince their stakeholders on the digital imperative and the resources required to turn strategy into action

Highlights of the MDP


Strategic Priorities: Unlike MNCs/LLCs, which tend to be more digitally mature, SMEs need to focus on getting the basics right – set a bold vision; formulate a strategy; ensure cyber security


Benefits of digitalisation: Digitalisation is a pre-requisite to benefit from current and upcoming digital platforms and ecosystems such as digitalPORT@SGTM and digitalOCEANSTM


Digitalisation Framework: Addressing the “why”, “what” and “how” of digital transformation in the maritime context


Resources: A glossary of resources that you could tap on to support your digitalisation journey today!

Download the Maritime Digitalisation Playbook (PDF) by clicking on the links below!