The Marine Licensing and Permits Department oversees the issuance of harbour craft and pleasure craft licences, for vessels to operate within the port. The issuance of these licences is governed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Harbour Craft) Regulations and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Pleasure Craft) Regulations.

Vessels arriving into and departing from Singapore would need to adhere to the respective port clearance procedures to ensure smooth visit to the port. Port clearance is granted in accordance with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Act.




Harbour Craft Licensing

Harbour craft licences are issued by MPA to vessels used for commercial purposes within the port.
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Regional Ferry Services Licensing

A company/firm which wishes to operate regional ferry services to and from Singapore is required to obtain a Ferry Services Operator Licence from MPA.
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Pleasure Craft Licensing

Pleasure craft means any craft which is intended for use within the port exclusively for sport or pleasure purposes.
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