Applying or Renewing the Port Limit Manning Licence

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The procedure to apply or renew the port limit manning licence for the harbour craft manning crew.

All certificated crew working on board a harbour craft are required to possess a valid Port Limit Manning Licence. There are different types of Manning Licences:

  • Port Limit Steersman
  • Port Limit Helmsman
  • Port Limit Special Grade (Deck) Officer
  • Port Limit 2nd Class Engine Driver
  • Port Limit 3rd Class Engine Driver
  • Port Limit Special Grade (Engine Driver)

New applications - Application for new manning licence has to be made within one year from passing the examination. Thereafter, applicant has to retake the examination.

Renewals - The manning licence must be renewed before its expiry. If the licence is renewed after the expiry, the holder is required to revalidate by taking the relevant refresher course conducted by the recognised training centre. The licence will only be renewed with the Certificate of Attendance issued by the training centre.  

Application for New or Renewal of Manning Licence via digitalPORT@SGTM:

  • Certificate of Competency (CoC)/Certificate of Endorsement (COE) or Result slip from MPA's Integrated Simulation Centre of Singapore (ISC)
  • Please note that application for Port Limit Manning licence must be made within 6 months of the passing date of examination/ COC or expiry of the manning licences
  • Identity Card (for locals) and Passport (for foreigners);
  • Work Permit / In-principle Approval for Work Permit /Employment Pass
  • 1 recent passport-sized photograph
  • Existing licence (for Renewals only - To be surrendered to MPA. A police report is to be made and submitted if this is lost)
  • Certificates of relevant additional courses attended
    • 4 Basic course (Fire Fighting, First Aid, Personal Survival & Oil Spill Control Course) - Applicable for all new application for Helmsman and 2nd Class Engine Driver.
    • Fire-Fighting Certificate - Applicable to all manning crew working on board SB licensed tanker/SC licensed craft carrying dangerous cargoes/explosives.
    • TMC (Tanker Master Certificate) - Applicable to deck officer working on board SB licensed CAT A bunker tankers.
    • Oil Spill Control Certificate - Applicable to all manning crew working on board ST licensed tug with enginer power of 750 kilowatt and above.
    • TTAC (Tug Training Assessment & Certification) - Applicable to all Deck Officers working on board MPA Approved Tug Service Providers' ST licensed tugs.
    • Port Limit Special Grade Deck Officer Course Certificate - Applicable to all Special Grade Deck Officers.

Contribution to Medisave for Self-Employed Persons

For application or renewal of licences, self-employed applicants must ensure that they have contributed to their medisave accounts as required by CPF board. For more information on the Medisave for the Self-Employed Scheme or to check the Medisave payment status for licence application or renewal, please logon to the CPF website at


With effect from 31 August 2010, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will be issued a harbour craft manning licence with lifetime validity.

 Revised Licence FeeLoss, Replacement, Upgrade of qualificationsChanges to Name, Passport Number and/or Company NameRemarks
Singaporeans and Permanent Residents$20.00$10.00 Not including GST$20.00 Not including GSTLifetime Validity. Holders aged 60 years or older are still required to submit medical certificate of fitness (.pdf, 254 KB) annually to maintain lifetime validity.
Foreigners$20.00$10.00 Not including GST$20.00 Not including GSTValidity is tied to expiry date of Certificate of endorsement or work permit.



Non-Singaporean deck and engine officers holding valid manning licence are permitted for deployment on board harbour craft under same ownership, operator and ship manager subject to the following conditions:- a) The deck/engine officers must be qualified to operate the harbour craft; b) All craft must maintain the minimum manning requirements at all times; and c) The transfer should not result in fatigue to the deck/engine officers and should not exceed the maximum number of working hours per week as specified by the MOM.

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