Integrated Simulation Centre

The Integrated Simulation Centre (ISC) has an array of simulators that offer a wide range of scenarios to provide realistic training for ship officers and crew.

The ISC, or Integrated Simulation Centre, was set up to further boost the quality and efficiency of maritime training conducted in Singapore using simulators. Its simulators offer different realistic scenarios for training of ship officers and crew in a risk-free environment.

Although developed primarily for the training of shipboard personnel, the ISC is also capable of conducting marine research and development for port planning. ISC supports the CSS function of conducting assessment of seafarers for certification and licensing using its simulators.


To become an international leader in marine simulator-based training and research & development.


To operate an integrated marine simulation centre that will provide the international shipping community with innovative and quality simulator-based training and capabilities.

ISC simulators

The ISC has the following simulators:

Two Full Mission Shiphandling Simulators (FMSS)

360-degrees field-of-view FMSS
This has state-of-the-art computer-generated imaging technology for life-like visuals. It provides a realistic environment for training pilots and shipmasters to manoeuvre vessels of various types and sizes at sea or in port waters.

240o field-of-view FMSS
This trains masters of tugs or small/fast vessels.

Crisis Management Simulator (CMS)

The CMS trains ship and shore-based personnel to handle marine emergencies such as managing oil and chemical spills.

Electronic Chart Display and Information System Simulator (ECDIS)

The ECDIS Simulator is fully equipped to train participants according to the IMO Model Course 1.27, “Operational use of ECDIS”. The ECDIS training includes exercises in navigational watches and bridge teamwork using the Full Mission Shiphandling Simulator.

Vessel Traffic System (VTS) Simulator

The VTS Simulator mimics actual vessel traffic management and information systems used by port and coastal state authorities around the world. It is used for effective training of VTS operators.

Singapore Maritime Academy simulators at ISC

The following simulators owned by the Singapore Maritime Academy is located at the Integrated Simulation Centre.

Engine Room Simulator (ERS)

The full mission Engine Room Simulator features a large tanker with machinery space, engine control room, emergency control station, steering gear compartment, tank-top space and an instructor’s room. The performance of its simulated engine model, 5L-90-MC, is certified by MAN-B&W.

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (LCHS)

The LCHS simulates the process of safety operations for liquid and vapour cargo and ballast handling system(s) of modern tankers, their auxiliaries and terminal facilities.

Such tankers include:

    a) Multi-grade Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC)

    b) Multi-grade Petroleum Product Tanker

    c) Multi-grade Chemical Tanker

    d) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanker

Four Full Mission Shiphandling Simulators (FMSS)

Search and Rescue (SAR)/Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Simulator

The SAR/GMDSS Simulator enables training on the use of GMDSS communication equipment and the conduct of SAR operations, without the risk of transmitting false alerts.

The FMSS and Engine Room Simulator meet the IMO International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended in the STCW requirements for training and assessment at the operational and management levels.

Its facilities also used for the simulation studies in the port and terminal development, maritime risk assessments and investigations into shipping incidents.


Integrated Simulation Centre of Singapore
Hub Port Cluster
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
500 Dover Road (Next to Block T1A, Singapore Polytechnic)
Singapore 139651
Tel: (65) 6874 7669 or 6874 7782
Fax: (65) 6874 7666
For enquiries on the Port Limit Mandatory courses conducted at the Integrated Simulation Centre of Singapore, please call 6874 7782.