MPA Officer Identification

MPA officers are dressed in uniform when performing official duties. To identify MPA officers, the uniforms are described below.


MPA officers will be wearing a white jacket and black pants while performing enforcement duties, such as ship inspections, gas-free inspections, pilotage assessments, etc. This uniform has a full colour MPA logo at the left front pocket, and the words “MPA Singapore” at the back. A tag identifying the relevant department of MPA is above the top right front pocket.

Authority card

Authority card_2

MPA officers carrying out enforcement duties will also bear an authority card, which will have identification features such as the MPA logo, the photo of the officer, his name and NRIC number.

polo T

Dark blue polo T-shirt and black pants are worn by MPA officers when they are conducting other field duties. The front left breast of the polo T-shirt bears the MPA logo in white colour.

Should the public require further verification of an officer’s identity, they can contact our Marine Safety Control Centre Duty Officer at Tel: (65) 6325 2488 / 2489 and provide the name and authority card number of the officer.