MPA-SSA Safety of Navigation Work Group

The MPA-SSA Safety of Navigation (SAFENAV) Work Group is co-chaired by MPA and the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA).

It is one of four MPA-industry safety work groups under the National Maritime Safety at Sea Council (NMSSC).

The group focuses on improving the safety of navigation in and around Singapore waters.

MPA-SSA Safety of Navigation Work Group


Capt M Segar, Assistant Chief Executive (Operations), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Capt Vibhas Garg, Director, Octant Marine Pte Limited, Singapore


Capt Daknashamoorthy Ganasen, Senior Director, Operations & Marine Services, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Capt Yves Vandenborn, Hon. President, The Nautical Institute (Singapore Branch)

Mr Michael Phoon, Executive Director, Singapore Shipping Association

Capt S S Virdi, Principal Consultant, Head of Research and Development, Maritime Advisory SEAPI, DNV Singapore Pte Ltd

Capt M C Madayya, Senior Fleet Manager, LNG, Chevron Asia Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd.

Capt Clint Bout, Head of Marine, Hafnia Pte. Ltd

Capt Abner Carvalho, Director, Operations, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd

Capt Harsh Makkar, Marine Manager, Berge-Bulk Maritime Pte. Ltd

Capt Peng Chuxing, Deputy GM, DPA, CSO, Pacific International Lines Pte. Ltd

Capt Sudeep Mittal, Nautical & Marine Compliance Superintendent, Maersk Line Fleet Management Pte. Ltd

Capt Sachin Shankar, Manager, Marine Operations, Teekay Marine (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Capt Nabo Ghosh, HSEV, Navigation & Training, Eastern Pacific Shipping

Capt Sanjay Patil, Deputy Director HSE Operations Petroleum Fleet, Eaglestar Marine (S) Pte. Ltd

COL Kong Eu Yen, Head Naval Inspectorate, Republic of Singapore Navy