Maritime Attachments

Attachment programmes for maritime employees and students in maritime-related courses and other disciplines.

The maritime industry offers many opportunities not only to those with maritime-related qualifications, but also those from other disciplines.

Working in conjunction with maritime-related businesses and universities, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) offers enriching attachment programmes aimed at developing not only expertise in the maritime sector but also increasing awareness of the employment opportunities that abound in this global industry.

Covering the entire spectrum of value-added and knowledge-based areas in a diverse industry, the programmes are accessible to both companies and individuals within the maritime sector and allow students and employees to develop and enhance pertinent skills.

Further, these attachments challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone and gain knowledge from cross-disciplines and work experience in a foreign country.

  • The Talent@MaritimeSingapore Industry Attachment gives students added incentive to experience work in the maritime industry.
  • The Talent@MaritimeSingapore - Overseas Attachment reimburses companies sponsoring an employee on an overseas training attachment.
    The MPA Global Internship Award offers students an international internship experience with both local and overseas components.