Maritime Singapore Green Initiative

The Maritime Singapore Green Initiative seeks to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and related activities and to promote clean and green shipping in Singapore. In 2011, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) pledged to invest up to S$100 million over 5 years in the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative.

In 2019, the Initiative was further extended till 31 December 2024 and enhanced to promote decarbonisation of shipping. It is a comprehensive initiative comprising four programmes:

  • Green Ship Programme
  • Green Port Programme
  • Green Energy and Technology Programme
  • Green Awareness Programme

These are voluntary programmes designed to recognise and provide incentives to companies that adopt clean and green shipping practices over and above the minimum required by International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conventions. The initiative underscores Singapore's commitment as a responsible flag and port state to clean and green shipping.

You may download the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative leaflet here (.pdf, 1 MB).

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