Survey Application and Certification

Surveys and certification of Singapore-registered ships may either be carried out by the MPA Flag State Control Department or any one of the classification societies authorized by the MPA as recognised organisations (RO).

Application with a recognised organisation (RO)

Owners or companies who wish to apply for surveys and certifications for their Singapore-registered ships may do so with any of the following ROs directly:

Application for a radio survey

Owners or companies of Singapore-registered ships who wish to have a radio survey carried out by a radio surveyor appointed by the MPA should apply directly with any of them. MPA will review the radio survey report submitted by the radio surveyor before issuing or endorsing the Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate. A list of radio surveyors appointed by MPA (.pdf, 27 KB) is available.

Application with the MPA

Owners or companies of Singapore-registered ships who are applying with the MPA to conduct surveys and certification for their ships should apply directly to the Flag State Control Department of the MPA using the application for survey form (.docx, 39 KB).