Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation Blueprint: Working Towards 2050

The Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation Blueprint: Working Towards 2050 charts ambitious and concrete long-term strategies to build a sustainable Maritime Singapore. Developed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in consultation with industry partners, the Blueprint will contribute to Singapore’s commitments under the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, Paris Agreement and the Initial IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships, and strengthen our value proposition as a leading global hub port and international maritime centre. 
This Blueprint takes on board the recommendations made by the International Advisory Panel on Maritime Decarbonisation, and inputs from a two-month long public consultation and sector-specific consultations.
The Blueprint outlines seven focus areas, which MPA will focus on to support the decarbonisation of the maritime industry:


  • Port terminals;
  • Domestic harbour craft;
  • Future marine fuels, bunkering standards and infrastructure;
  • Singapore Registry of Ships;
  • Efforts at IMO and other international platforms;
  • Research & development and talent; and
  • Carbon awareness, carbon accounting and green financing.

Download the Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation Blueprint here (.pdf, 18 MB).