Application Forms

The following application forms for registering your vessel is available for download below. If you require any assistance, please contact us at or call us at 6272 7777 for more information. 

Application For Registration Of Ship FormApplication as a SRS (.pdf, 1 MB)
Appointment Of Agent FormAppointment of Agent (.pdf, 136 KB)
Appointment Of Manager FormAppointment of Manager (.pdf, 59 KB)
Bill Of Sale FormForm- BOS (.pdf, 120 KB)
Declaration Of CompanyDeclaration of Company (.pdf, 57 KB)
Declaration Of DPADeclaration of DPA (.pdf, 130 KB)
Declaration Of CSODeclaration of CSO (.pdf, 81 KB)

Bareboat Charter Out

Suspension Application Formapplication-for-suspension-of-a-singapore-ship's-registry_final (.pdf, 121 KB)
Suspension Extension FormForm - BBC Out Ext (.pdf, 125 KB)
Suspension Reactivation Formapplication-to-reactivate-a-singapore-ship's-registry (.pdf, 28 KB)

Certificate Applications

Application For BCC/WRC/CLC FormCLC-BCC-WRC_wo lines_final (.pdf, 163 KB)
CSR Form 1Form - CSR Form 1 (.pdf, 65 KB)
CSR Form 2Form - CSR Form 2 (.pdf, 64 KB)

Pleasure Craft Registration

Pleasure Craft Application Formapplication-for-registration-of-pleasure-craft (.pdf, 53 KB)