Port State Control Detention

Singapore-registered ships may be subjected to PSC inspection in a foreign port. Ships detained under PSC must be reported to MPA immediately.

A Singapore-registered ship may be subjected to a Port State Control (PSC) inspection while in a foreign port. If serious deficiencies are found on board, the ship may be delayed or detained in the port until the deficiencies are rectified.

MPA takes a serious view of any Singapore-registered ship detained under PSC, and will investigate the detention to ensure that shipowners or companies take corrective actions to improve the standard of their ships.

Informing MPA

Besides reporting to the shipowner or company and the recognised organisation (RO) responsible for issuing the relevant the certificates affected by the deficiencies, the master of a Singapore-registered ship must inform MPA of the details of the PSC detention as soon as possible.


The shipowner or company has the right to appeal against a PSC detention.
If the shipowner or company decides not to use the official appeal procedure of the port State but still wishes to complain about the detention decision, he may send the complaint to MPA at the contact below as soon as possible.
If the case is valid, MPA will approach the port State to reconsider the detention decision.

Flag State Control Contact 

More contact details can be found here.