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  • The fee for an initial/ordinary registration is S$2.50 per NT subject to a minimum of S$1,250 (500 NT) and a maximum of S$50,000 (20,000 NT).
  • The fee for registration under the Block Transfer Scheme is S$0.50 per NT subject to a minimum of S$1,250 (2,500 NT) and a maximum of S$20,000 (40,000 NT) per vessel.
  • For other charges, refer to the full list of fees.

Annual Tonnage Tax

  • The annual tonnage tax is S$0.20 per NT subject to a minimum of S$100 (500 NT) and a maximum of S$10,000 (50,000 NT).
  • The annual tonnage tax must be paid at the time of initial registration or registration anew and thereafter every year on or before the anniversary date on which the vessel was registered or registered anew, as the case may be.
  • No refund of the tax will be made if during the year for which the tax has been paid, the registry of the vessel is closed for any reason.

Ownership and Share in a Vessel

  • Only persons or companies incorporated in Singapore may be registered as the sole or joint owners of a vessel or share therein.
  • Ownership of a fractional part of a vessel will not be registered.
  • Any number of individuals or companies not exceeding five may be registered as joint owners of a share or shares.
  • The property in a Singapore vessel may be divided into any number of shares and such number may not be changed unless the vessel is re-registered. Owners are advised to divide their vessels into 64 shares unless there are special difficulties.

Priority of Mortgages

  • If there is more than one subsisting mortgage registered in respect of the same vessel or share, the mortgagees shall, notwithstanding any express, implied or constructive notice, be entitled in priority one over the other according to the date and time of the record of each mortgage in the register book and not according to the date of each mortgage itself.

Certified English Translations

  • All documents submitted to the Registrar must be in English.
  • If a document is not in English, it must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

Power of Attorney

  • A Bill of Sale, a mortgage and a transfer or discharge of mortgage may be executed by a lawfully appointed attorney.
  • A Power of Attorney executed outside Singapore must be notarised and Singapore legalised.
  • If the executor is not a local and documents are executed in Singapore, a letter of confirmation from the executor or notarisation of the document is required. The original and a copy must be submitted. The original will be returned after completion of the transaction.
  • Only for the case of a discharge of mortgage, a certified true copy of the Power of Attorney may be accepted.

Tax Exemption or alternative basis of tax based on the net tonnage of ships

  • Income derived from the operation of a Singapore vessel are exempt from Singapore income tax or taxed by reference to the net tonnage of the ships.
  • The exemption or alternative basis of tax based on the net tonnage of the ships applies to the income derived from the carriage in international waters of passengers, mail, livestock or goods by seagoing Singapore vessels and includes the income derived from the charter of such vessels.

Enquiries on this matter should be made directly to:

The Commissioner of Inland Revenue
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
55 Newton Road, Revenue House
Singapore 307987
Tel: 1800-3568622

Fishing Vessels, Wooden Vessels and Hydrofoils

Fishing vessels, wooden vessels and hydrofoils will not be accepted for registration.

Authorised Classification Societies

  • The following classification societies have been authorised to act on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Singapore in the surveys, certification and determination of tonnages of Singapore vessels, and conduct audits and certification with respect to the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code):
    • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
    • Bureau Veritas (BV)
    • China Classification Society (CCS)
    • DNV
    • Korean Register of Shipping (KRS)
    • Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LRS)
    • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NKK)
    • Registro Italiano Navale (RINA)
  • All the above classification societies have been appointed as Recognised Security Organisations (RSOs).

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