MPA-Pleasure Craft Safety Work Group

The MPA-Pleasure Craft Safety Work Group is one of four MPA-industry safety work groups under the National Maritime Safety at Sea Council (NMSSC).

The group focuses on improving and raising safety amongst the pleasure craft community in Singapore.

MPA-Pleasure Craft Safety Work Group


Capt Charles De Souza, Deputy Port Master, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Mr YP Loke, Chairman, Singapore Boating Industry Association


Capt William Francis, President, Singapore Power Boat Association

Capt Sahwan Osman, Senior Lecturer, Singapore Maritime Academy, Singapore Polytechnic

Mr Terence Ho, Executive Director, Singapore Sailing Federation

Mr Eugene Low, Assistant Director, Lifeskills & Lifestyle Division, People’s Association

Mr Kuet Ee Yoon, Member, Singapore Boating Industry Association

Mr James Wong, Commodore, Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Capt Jerry Lau, Captain of Sail, SAF Yacht Club

Mr James Roy, Managing Director, One° 15 Marina Club Singapore

Capt Richard Howe, Managing Director, Maritime Claim & Services Pte Ltd