Temporary Harbour Craft Permit

In accordance with Regulation 4 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Harbour Craft) Regulations (the ‘Harbour Craft Regulations'), every harbour craft used within the port must be licensed. Currently, any harbour craft which is not licensed but intended for temporary use for intra-port transportation of cargo or passengers, or other intra-port activities may apply for a daily Temporary Harbour Craft Permit (THCP) under Regulation 39 of the Harbour Craft Regulations.

  • A vessel intended to be used over a prolonged period should be licensed as a harbour craft. Licensed harbour craft should be engaged for intra-port activities before agents consider applying for THCP. Agents may be required to show proof that there are no licensed harbour craft available before THCP can be granted.
  • The granting of THCP is limited to a maximum of 5 calendar days (need not be continuous) in any calendar month and 15 days in a calendar year. This will apply on a per vessel basis.
  • To minimise the probability of the cancellation of THCP due to last minute changes as well as the inconvenience faced by companies in seeking refund of permit fees, companies will be allowed to apply for the THCP only up to 3 days in advance. In addition, no refund of permit fees will be allowed, even if the THCP was not utilised. 
  • Any vessel which is not licensed as a harbour craft or is not issued with a valid THCP shall, when engaged in any intra-port activities, be deemed to have contravened Regulation 4 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Harbour Craft) Regulations 1997.
The vessel applying for THCP must be flagged and issued with the respective trading certificates and valid insurance policy (depending on the type of vessel) before any THCP application is submitted: 



  • Loadline Certificate
  • Safety Construction Certificate
  • Safety Equipment Certificate
  • Oil Pollution Insurance
  • Civil Liability Convention (CCC) Certificate
  • Certificate of Fitness
  • Certificate of Lifting Test (for floating crane)
  • 3rd Party Insurance Policy - Any Provisional Cover Note or any Cover Note issued by an Insurer who is a registered company in Singapore. In the case of a Protection & Indemnity (P & I) coverage, the P & I Club must be one which is recognised by the MPA and has a representative office in Singapore. Generally, the cover is for third party liabilities, including wreck removal and personal injuries.
The THCP can be applied via the digitalPORT@SGTM platform:
  • Login to digitalPORT@SGTM 

  • Select ‘Permits’

  • Select ‘Application for Temporary Harbour Craft Permit’

The prevailing fees are:

$200Per 100 GT per day or part thereof subject to a maximum of $5,000 per dayIf a licensed harbour craft is not available, for a vessel used as a floating crane, work barge, salvage or wreck removal vessel, transportation of cargo or passengers, or any other activities ordinary performed by a harbour craft.
$5,000(FLAT RATE) per shuttle load irrespective of Gross Registered tonnage (GT)If a licensed harbour craft is not available, for a vessel used as a tanker, or for the purpose of transferring slop or bunkers.

A 'shuttle load' shall be defined as loading at one terminal for discharge at one or more terminals within the port. Loading at more than one terminal shall be considered as more than one 'shuttle load'.

For General Enquiries

There is an adequate supply of harbour craft in Singapore. Please contact Marine Licensing & Permits Department (MLP) at MLP@mpa.gov.sg.


For Tugboats Requesting for THCP

There is an adequate supply of ST licensed tugboats. Please email OPP@mpa.gov.sg or MLP@mpa.gov.sg should you have any queries.